What do you do when a lake is really dangerous? Source Breitbart News

Lake George, Idaho, is a lake with the largest freshwater lake in the United States.

The lake is home to the largest fish population on the planet, as well as a number of native wildlife species.

But Lake George has been declared a “fire hazard” by the U.S. Forest Service.

In an effort to save the lake from imminent fire, residents of Lake George have set up a tent campground, which is set up on a small hillside in the middle of the lake.

The campground is surrounded by the woods, so residents are being given extra time to plan their escape.

Residents set up the campground with help from the local government.

It was built with a small team of volunteers.

But the campers are not the only ones who have set themselves up for survival.

The area is also home to a number otters, a mountain lion, a black bear, and a pair of bobcats.

The people living in Lake George are using their campground to make some extra money to buy food and clothing for their family.

But, the area is becoming a real hot spot for fire, as fire crews are coming to the camp to fight fires.

The town of Lake Tahoe, located in a mountainous region, is home of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Tahoe.

Located on the shores of Lake Taho, the lake has a number lakes that are full of wildlife.

It’s one of only three lakes in Lake Tahoa that is classified as a wilderness area.

The two other lakes in Tahoe are the Lake Tahoma and Lake Tahomas Lakes, which have different names.

However, the Lake Tuhoe Lake is home most of its inhabitants.

The Lake Tahole lake has an area of approximately 1,300 acres and a population of about 5,000 people.

But that number is expected to drop to around 500 residents by the end of the year.

The main reason for the drop in residents is the drought that has taken place in the area.

At least three major fires have burned in the Lake of the Woods National Forest, including one that burned for nearly 24 hours in February.

The fire that destroyed the camp was caused by lightning strikes, and the campgrounds are located in remote areas of the park.

The cause of the fires has yet to be determined.

One of the two fire crews was from the Lake Lake District, a volunteer fire crew that works to keep fires from spreading.

They said that the fires have been contained, but they have not been able to provide a full timeline for when the fire is likely to be contained.

One firefighter who was working with the camp is a member of the Lake Humboldt Fire Department.

Lake Tahoes fire department said that they were able to keep the fires contained by evacuating campers and providing water and food.

The Fire Department said that there have been no reports of any injuries, but there have also been no reported injuries of campers due to the fires.

As of Friday, there were around 3,600 residents in the park, according to the U, Forest Service, which has been able, for the most part, to keep Lake Tahouos fire contained.

There were also some campers who were not able to leave the park due to an evacuation order.

There are many roads and trails that cross the lake, so those who do not have campers, they can travel by vehicle or walk.

Many of the camp sites are located within a few minutes of each other.

But this is where things get a little bit dangerous.

There have been reports of road flares and fireworks going off.

According to the National Weather Service, the weather in Lake Tohoe has been a little hot, but it has not been as hot as some of the other areas in the national park.

A hot day on Lake Tahoyos lake could lead to some of these fires.

But as the fire season nears its end, people are already setting up their own tent campsites to help them survive the winter.

A number of people have also set up camp near the lakes edge to make money while they wait for the fire to be put out.

There is a website set up by the Lake George Area Fire Council, which includes a map of the campsites, but the information is not completely up to date.

The council is also asking that people stop posting signs on the lake asking people to stay away from campfires.

In order to be able to camp on the ground, the council says that people have to have their campfire permits.

They also say that they are asking campers to be more respectful to each other and to the fire marshal who is responsible for keeping the fires from getting out of control.

The county also said that campers should be able call the National Park Service at 1-800-726-3501 if they have any concerns.

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