Which lake in California is the clearest?

By Jennifer HaggertyThe Clear Lake is a reservoir in southern California that is considered the clear, peaceful, and calm of the lake system.

It is located in the Santa Clara Valley, approximately 80 miles (125 kilometers) north of San Francisco.

However, this reservoir is in a region of very low precipitation, so the lake is often cloudy and clear.

The lake is a major water source for many California towns and cities, and its clear water allows them to operate efficiently.

However the lake also contributes to the environmental impacts of global warming.

Lake California is a natural lake.

It’s a saltwater lake with an alkaline composition that can produce a range of mineral and organic matter.

It has been a major source of drinking water for the people of the state of California for nearly 1,000 years.

The water in Lake Calis is also considered to be among the most precious of natural resources, and it has been the subject of numerous legal battles and lawsuits in the state.

The lake is considered one of the most beautiful and diverse lakes in the world.

It boasts over 400 miles (700 kilometers) of shoreline and has an abundance of wetlands, marshes, marsupials, and freshwater marshes.

The Clear Lake has been designated a National Marine Sanctuary, a National Historic Landmark, and a Natural Lakeshore.

It also has a unique ecosystem.

It was one of five lakes to receive the designation of the Great Lakes National Park System in 2012.

The other five are the Alcatraz, Lake Tahoe, Lake Powell, and Lake Oroville.

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