U.S. Navy ship to help in search for missing sailors

U.M.L.A. is in the process of setting up a rescue effort to help locate the remains of five crew members who disappeared during an operation in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.N. maritime agency said Tuesday.

U.S.-based MOLA and its Mexican counterpart, NAVASO, announced in a joint statement that the U-2 was searching for the crew of a U.K.-based fishing boat in the waters off Lake Texoma in southern Mexico.

The U.AET-backed mission is expected to begin searching on Monday, said the statement, issued by Navaso and MOLAA.

The U.T. ship has been sailing for about two weeks from the Gulf to the southern end of the lake, where the five crewmembers were last seen in mid-February.

The search was called off at the end of February, according to the statement.MOLAA said the search was resumed this week after an agreement between the U.-2 and the Mexican navy.

Navasos spokesman Francisco Barreto said the operation is expected “to last three days.”

U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague has also been briefed on the search, and said last week that he hoped to be in Mexico by the end and was “not holding my breath” until the search ends.

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