When Google Maps turns blue, you should stop looking at the map and instead get out and enjoy the views

When Google started working with Facebook to create a “map for everyone,” one of the first things the company did was add a little blue dot on the map.

Since then, Google has expanded its coverage to cover more of the country.

When the company first rolled out its new “map-like” feature to users, it was a little like adding a dot on your local map that showed which towns you lived in, or which city you lived within.

But now Google has rolled out a new feature that allows users to get a real-time view of what the world looks like.

The feature works on the new “Google Maps for Everyone” beta that Google rolled out on Tuesday.

The new version of the Google Maps app will be available to users in the coming weeks, with Google saying that it will eventually roll out to everyone in the United States.

The update adds a small blue dot next to each map point in the map that shows which town or city you live in.

The dot is actually a Google logo, which will also be visible when you’re viewing the map in Google Maps for Android.

But the dot isn’t all that important to the map, according to Google.

Instead, the new version shows what the actual landscape looks like around you.

“If you have a friend who is in a city and you’re looking at a map of a city, the dot might not always be on the same place,” said Google Maps VP of product Nick Tamburino.

“But it’s there if you have the option to look at it.”

If you have an issue with the dot, you can also try disabling the dot from the map itself.

The map also includes a way to customize the dots so they show you more of what’s around you instead of just the point you’re at.

“When you’re walking through a neighborhood or looking at something, it’s kind of difficult to figure out what you’re going to find,” said Tambarino.

The addition of the dot makes it a lot easier to spot landmarks like gas stations and parking lots, as well as major city landmarks like malls, shopping centers, and museums.

It also gives the map a bit more of a physical presence when you zoom in to zoom out.

But it’s a small change that is likely to have a very small impact on how you use Google Maps.

Google has also expanded its map coverage to include other countries in the past.

The company recently added the Philippines to its map of the world, which included the capital of Manila and the country’s largest city, Manila.

The Philippines is home to more than 2 million people, and the city is a popular tourist destination, as evidenced by the city’s high rates of tourism, according the U.S. Census Bureau.

When Google launched its new version, it included the country in the first two countries it covered, but it’s now also including it in the Philippines, which is the largest country in Southeast Asia.

Tamborino said that there’s been a push by the company to expand the number of countries it covers.

The number of new countries added each month has increased from about 1,000 in September to more that 3,000 today.

“We have been working on a lot of these countries in recent months,” Tambourino said.

“So there’s certainly been a lot more activity in these areas in the last couple of months.”

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