When it comes to weather, pyramid lake havasu might be the hottest place in the world

When it came to weather this past winter, Lake Havasu, Thailand, was the hot spot for those looking to experience the tropics and tropical climate.

However, for those hoping to see some of the hottest places in the area this spring, that dream was quickly dashed after the lake’s temperature plummeted to -10C (-15F).

While the tropical climate and hot weather is certainly appealing, it’s the lack of oxygen in the lake that’s causing the problems.

While the lake is actually a lake, the temperature is set to drop to -5C (-3F) in the winter, meaning the lake has no oxygen in it, according to a local news site.

According to the website, the reason for the cold temperatures in Lake Havinu is the lack a “living” algae, which is necessary to keep the lake alive.

The algae in Lake Huay is also dying due to the lack oxygen in its water, according the report.

A local news website also said that the temperature in Lake Kavai was set to be -2C (-1F) during the winter.

“As a result, the water in Lake Hojasun was dropping below freezing,” said the news site, adding that the lake was currently “at the end of its life cycle.”

It’s a common misconception that Lake Havasus water is a very cold place.

According to the Lake Havan website, there is a lot of oxygen, meaning there is less algae in the water.

“It is a dry lake.

It is a lake of saltwater,” the website says.

“The water is so cold that the salt water evaporates.”

As temperatures in the lakes can drop to as low as -1C (-0.5F), many locals are not impressed with the lack in oxygen.

“The lake has to be like that,” said another local, who did not want to be named.

“We cannot have a lake like that in our lives.”

The lake is not the only place to experience Lake Havais lack of water.

Another popular lake in the region is Lake Keng, which has the highest temperature recorded in the tropic in the South China Sea.

The lake, which lies off the coast of Sichuan province, is also extremely cold, with the temperature dropping below -10 degrees Celsius (-15 Fahrenheit).

The temperature in the cold water lake of Lake Kampu, however, is set at -30C (-40F).

In a similar situation, a local media outlet reported that the temperatures in a nearby lake had reached -15C (-20F) and that the water there had also begun to “turn red” due to algae dying.

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