When it rains, it pours: Lake Minnetonkas’ water level drops again

By Tom BowersThe weather is nice this time of year.

The temperatures are below freezing and the skies are clear.

But there’s still plenty of rain in the forecast, and not enough to help the lake in its decline.

That’s why lake authorities are warning residents to keep a close eye on the lake.

A number of lakes in Michigan have already begun to show signs of diminishing water levels.

Lake Minnetoneka, a lakeside town of about 6,500 people about an hour southeast of Detroit, is one of them.

The lake’s level fell more than 15 feet in the past week alone, and now sits at about 9 feet.

The lake’s current level is below 5 feet, the lowest since at least 2009, according to Lake Minneotekas Department of Natural Resources.

The last time it was below that level was in 2006.

But the city’s lake management team says it has done nothing wrong.

“It’s been a good day, but we still have a long way to go,” said Gary Dettmer, a Lake Minnantonka public works director.

“We need to keep in mind that this lake is in decline and that’s a problem that we all need to take a hard look at.”

Dettmer said the water level in the lake was actually about 4 feet lower in August, which is what the city uses as its baseline.

He said the city has had about two months to work out the problem.

The department is now calling on Lake Minmetonka residents to take some time off to take advantage of the city-run holiday that ends Monday.

But Dettner said he’s not worried.

“We are a small town,” Dettmers told The Associated Press.

“It’s not that bad.

It’s a couple of hours of work, but it’s not a problem.”

Dottmer said there are about 300 residents in the town, and he expects the number will double in the next few days.

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