How the city of Moses Lake changed its name after being named after the first Indian to live in the area

In 1881, Moses Lake was named after a Native American Indian living in the valley of the same name.

Moses Lake, located in the heart of Moses City, was home to many native American tribes during the early part of the 20th century.

As the city grew and developed, however, the name became synonymous with whiteness and the city was named by white settlers.

A plaque that was erected on the city’s western edge in the 1930s is currently under construction.

It will be a symbol of Moses’ heritage and the history of the area.

“There was a time when Moses Lake became the setting for the movie, The Legend of O.J.,” said Jodie Loynes, director of the Museum of Moses.

The movie was set in the city in the late ’70s, and featured a Native person named Frank “Frank” Davis who played a cop in a police department that was run by a white cop.

In a scene, Frank was caught stealing $5,000 and sent to jail for 10 years.

When he came out of prison, he was greeted by his family who said, “Welcome back, Frank.”

“It was like a flashback to our past,” said Loynis.

Davis was an immigrant from the Congo, which was then part of South Africa.

He had been forced to leave his home country when the government confiscated his cattle and made him a citizen of South America.

After serving his sentence, Davis became a police officer.

He became friends with a white woman named Mary, who also lived in Moses Lake.

When Frank Davis was arrested and jailed, she told him, “I want you to see that this city is very different from any city in America.

It is full of people who don’t look like you.” 

“It’s the same as being born somewhere else in the world, and people are proud of that,” Loyns said.

Loynes said that during her research, she also found that some people of color believed that Moses Lake would become a white community.

“The people who lived there were people of colour and they saw Moses Lake as the new Mecca, the new White House, and so they believed that they would be welcomed and they would live there and they wouldn’t have to hide,” she said.

“That kind of thinking has shaped the way people think about Moses Lake today.” 

Moses County Museum is holding a public viewing of the plaque that is under construction on the lakefront on April 19.

It’s being held at the museum at 5:30 p.m. and open to the public.

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