How to avoid the next MTS-5 flare-up in Sacramento

In an email, the county said the county was aware of the “significant health risks” posed by MTSs, which can cause respiratory and neurological problems, and had been working closely with emergency medical services to ensure the county had all necessary protocols in place to contain the threat.

“The county is prepared to deploy the emergency management team for this incident,” the county’s email said.

The county added that the county has deployed its state of emergency to all of its counties.

In a tweet on Thursday morning, county spokesman Dan Stolte said the department is aware of “a number of reports” from people in the area of the flare-ups and “that we are doing everything possible to minimize the impact to the public.”

The department also posted a list of public transportation options for residents in the Sacramento area.

MTSs are not the first to occur in Southern California.

In October 2016, a MTS was reported in the city of Santa Monica, which was in the middle of an El Niño event.

The MTS, which caused an asthma attack, was contained within 24 hours.

The outbreak was eventually traced to an unregistered MTS at the city’s train station.

Earlier this year, MTS symptoms were reported in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as in a handful of counties in the Pacific Northwest.

Read more about MTS outbreaks:

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