How to be a good Muslim in the West

A young Muslim man from Lake City is trying to make a difference in the Western world.

He is part of a movement called Muslim in America.

He is a senior at a liberal arts college in the Washington suburbs.

He has studied history, law, philosophy and sociology.

He majored in American history at Georgetown University.

His name is Ibrahim Abdul Rahman.

A Muslim man, he is the first Muslim American to graduate from the elite George Washington University.

His father, Abdullah, was a prominent figure in the American Muslim community.

He founded the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding in Washington, DC, and served as a senior adviser to the George W. Bush administration.

Abdullah Rahman was a leading advocate for the rights of Muslim Americans during the Bush administration and was an advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Ibrahim Abdul Rahman graduated from Georgetown University in 2009 with a degree in American studies.

His college classes are taught in Arabic, but he is fluent in English.

He was studying English when the US government announced the arrest of three of his classmates, who were accused of plotting a terrorist attack against the US.

Ibrahim has been working on his English in the US for the past six months.

He speaks at universities and colleges in the city and speaks to students at local mosques and community events.

When I first heard about this story, I felt like I had been given a free pass for being a Muslim American, he said.

Since then, I have been taking classes with students from around the world.

One of my professors told me that they do not believe Muslims are capable of being terrorists.

The US government said in a press release that they found no evidence to support the claim that Rahman was part of the Islamic State group or the Taliban.

The arrest has been widely covered in the Muslim world, where Muslims have been targeted for attacks on American soil.

Muslims in the United States have been the targets of anti-Muslim hate crimes and hate speech and vandalism.

There are many Muslims who believe that it is important to stand up for the interests of their communities, said Mohammed Abu Ghaith, a Muslim studies professor at Georgetown.

He said that Ibrahim’s arrest and his efforts to help others make a positive difference in society, are a testimony to his work as a Muslim in a global context.

Imam Mohammad Akram, a professor at the University of Maryland, who teaches a course on Islam and the United State, said that Imam Rahman’s arrest is another step in the struggle for civil rights.

The United States and the Muslim-American community are fighting against discrimination, and Imam Rahman is just another example of that, Akram said.

He added that Ibrahim is also a symbol of the strength and resilience of Muslims in America, who are struggling to live with this injustice.

I believe that he is a good example of a Muslim Muslim who is working to help other Muslims, he added.

“Imam Rahman’s example shows that Muslims are not alone and that we can work together in our common struggle for equality and dignity.

He and his colleagues have shown the world that Muslims can and should be a part of this movement to improve the lives of all Americans.”

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