How to get to smith mount lake, lake is on your doorstep

Smith Mountain Lake in north west Victoria has been closed following a report of a fire on Tuesday.

Key points:The Smith Lakes Fire was first reported in May and was the third in the region’s historyFirefighters have not yet confirmed what caused the fire, which has burned more than 500 hectaresThe fire has burned about 500 hectares in Victoria so far, with another 590 hectares under threatThe fire started on Monday and has since spread to the Smith River, which feeds the lake and is home to the Lake Louise Conservation Group.

It is one of the most extensive fires in Victoria, with more than 5,000 firefighters battling the blaze.

The Lake Louise fire is currently burning in the Smithers Lake area.

“We’re currently working on a response plan for the smith lake,” the State Government’s Victoria Parks and Wildlife Service said in a statement.

“Smithers River, at its base, is a major source of habitat for many of the native plants and animals that make up this area.

We are actively engaging with the communities of Smitheries Lake and Smithmires to ensure they can continue to access their habitat, which is a key part of the conservation process.”

Victoria Parks and Wilderness said it would provide information about how to access the lake in the coming days.

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