How to spot a killer bear in Kentucky, lake geneva

It is easy to spot the killer bears in Kentucky.

The bears have been spotted on several state parks and on private land.

The state Department of Natural Resources says the bears are nocturnal and usually go about their business in a single group.

They can be seen feeding in packs of five or six.

But some people have seen them for hours at a time.

A few weeks ago, a man came across a bear in a wooded area near the Tennessee border.

He told KYW Newsradio he had just seen it on the side of the road and wanted to keep it as a trophy for his family.

Kentucky Wildlife Services has not been able to say how many bears have died in the state in recent years, but in 2015, they found the first confirmed bear in the U.S. from Kentucky.

Kentuckians are taking steps to protect the animals.

The Kentucky Department of Wildlife Resources says there are measures in place to help protect the public, such as traps and other traps.

The department also has a wildlife hotline.

Kentucks Wildlife Services says they are aware of at least one case of a bear accidentally shot and killed by a hunter, and they are investigating.

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