Lake Chelan’s new school is the most expensive in Lake County

Lake Chellan is spending $7 million to replace its aging, decrepit elementary school with a new, high-tech one, a new state auditor report says.

The school’s $7.5 million price tag includes $1.9 million in city grants and $1 million in county funds, said the report from the Chelan County Auditor’s Office.

The auditor also said the $7,500 cost of building the new school was “not comparable to other facilities” in the county, including other elementary schools in the city of Lakeville.

The cost of replacing the school is $9 million, the report said.

The $5.2 million cost for the new building was “based on the assumption that the average cost of the replacement project will be lower than the average amount spent for the replacement projects for the other schools in Lake Chelicounty,” the auditor’s office said.

“In reality, the cost of rebuilding the school in Lakeville will be approximately 10 times the cost the cost to replace the existing elementary school, or approximately $11 million.”

The new school will be built on a site that was once the former home of the Chelco School.

The old Chelaco School is a high school, which has been closed for more than 30 years.

The district has also been in the process of purchasing the land from the property’s developer, who is the owner of the Lakeville Elementary School.

There have been no plans to move the Chelico School since it was built in 1964.

The new elementary school is slated to open in late 2017.

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