‘This Is What Happens When You Don’t Have Your Dog’: How the Mirror Lake Campground’s Dog Wounded in a ‘Very Loud’ Crash is Making an Impact

The Mirror Lake camping area on the Mirror Lakes in Lake Tahoe is undergoing a major makeover after two dogs died while camping.

The Mirror Lake campground is home to several animals including an eight-year-old pit bull mix, a bull terrier, a two-year old pit bull, a three-year dog, a four-year girl and a three year old German shepherd.

All of these animals were brought to the campground from other campsites, including the Echo Park Lake and Echo Lake Lake Campgrounds.

The Mirror Lakes area is considered a public land and all the animals were allowed to stay.

The dogs are expected to be released into the wild tomorrow, but Mirror Lake officials say they will need to be on a leash for most of their stay.

Mirror Lake spokesman Dan Johnson says the dogs were not properly tagged, which means they were not allowed to be put down.

They were allowed into the tent area and then left to find their own way around the camp.

Johnson says a new dog tag was also issued.

Mirrors spokesman Dan Miller says the campgrounds are now on lockdown.

Miller says there is no threat to the animals and that all dogs are accounted for.

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