Which is better? A lake map or a map of Israel?

By JERUSALEM POST”You can’t find a map that tells you everything you need to know about Israel.

You can’t even find a good map of Palestine.

Israel and Palestine are the same land, the same geography.

But Israel and the West Bank are different, and this is what we should be focusing on.”

Jerusalem Post columnist, Gideon Levy, recently took the helm of Israel’s new “Israelization” campaign, a new initiative by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that aims to make Israel the most powerful nation in the Middle East by 2019.

Levy is a veteran of Israel Hayom and has written for the Israeli media, including the Forward and Israel Hayop.

In the past, he has called for a “two-state solution” for Israel and Palestinians to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but now he’s advocating a “Palestinian-Israeli” solution that includes a two-state-for-two peoples that would be backed by international pressure.

“I think the idea of two states is a lie, and it is not possible to create a Jewish state without two peoples, the two Jewish peoples,” Levy told The Jerusalem Times.

“So I’m convinced that if you want to create an Israeli state, it will have to be one with two peoples and that is the Palestinian-Israeli solution.”

Israel Hayom columnist, Amos Harel, has called on the prime minister to “make the Jewish state of Israel the only state in the world that can guarantee freedom and security for all of the people of the Jewish homeland, not just Jews.

Israel’s existence is threatened by the Arab world, but the Palestinians have no interest in this.

And neither do the Arabs.

We have the same goal: to bring peace and security to the Arab nations.””

A Palestinian-Israel solution will have two sides, the Palestinians and the Israelis.

But if we want a two state solution, we must recognize the reality of the Palestinian people, the Israeli people and the Jewish people and create a Palestinian-Jewish state.

I would like to see a two states solution, but I do not want a one-state state,” Levy added.

The initiative is part of a broader “Israelizing” strategy that has included an “unprecedented” number of policy decisions by Netanyahu’s government.

He has taken steps to make the country more ethnically homogenous, more homogenous with a “Jewish majority” and a majority of Arab residents, a policy that has alienated many Arabs in the West.

Levys decision to adopt the “Jewish state” policy, along with his call for a two “state-per-people” solution, have caused alarm among many Israeli and international commentators.

They argue that it risks alienating the majority of Palestinians in the Palestinian territories, which have not recognized Israel’s right to exist.

But Levy’s call for “two states” for two peoples also has international support.

The United Nations, which has been calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state since 1948, has endorsed the idea.

“Israel should have a Jewish majority in Palestine, and Israel should have an Arab majority in Israel,” U.N. Special Envoy for Middle East Peace, Philip Alston, said in a speech on June 18.

“That is what Israel has always sought and that has always been its aim.

The two states are two different societies.

I do believe that the two states can coexist peacefully and effectively.””

Israelis vision is a vision for a Jewish and democratic state,” said Alston.

“I do not think there is any doubt that the majority will eventually want to live together in a Jewish-Arab state.

But I do think the Jewish and Arab peoples have a shared vision for the future.

We can make that vision a reality.”

In a speech to the U.S. Congress last week, U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson echoed Alston’s sentiment.

“The two states must be two states.

That is the goal.

I am absolutely convinced that this vision of a Jewish State and a democratic state, of a two Jewish and two Arab state, is the only way to achieve a two State solution,” Johnson said.

“It is the best way to bring about peace and to end violence.”

“We can only live in peace if the Jewish-Palestinian relationship is treated with the same dignity and respect as the Jewish State relationship,” Johnson continued.

“A two state-for-‘one-state’ solution is not just a viable alternative to the status quo, it is also a viable and necessary alternative to a two or three state-per population solution.

It will ensure the survival of the State of Israel and its Jewish citizens.”

But Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has criticized the “two state-one-population” idea, saying, “A state for two people is not a solution.

There are no two people.

A state for one person is not an option.

We will never have a state of two people.”

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