How to avoid being trapped by an avalanche in Yellowstone National Park

If you’re going to spend the night in Yellowstone’s White Rock Lake, don’t stay up late or stay in a hotel room.

There are no shelters, but you will need to evacuate.

The White Rock Canyon trailhead is closed to vehicles, and it’s not safe to walk in the park.

You can camp out for free at nearby Camp Bear Lake, or use a private fire ring to start a fire.

It is also recommended that you not leave your car in a parking lot or in an area where you may be struck by an Avalanche.

If you want to camp, you can get the White Rock Campgrounds permit for $25 per night. 

You can also camp out in a tent at the park’s main campground. 

This permit is valid for up to eight people.

The permits are also valid for the next seven days.

The permit is also valid if you plan to stay for less than two nights, and can be renewed for up of three additional nights. 

The permit allows you to camp out at any of the parks main campgrounds, but it is not guaranteed that you will be able to camp in the area.

The park’s general admission fee is $10 per night and you can camp at any one of the park sites for up a maximum of three nights per campground permit. 

Park officials have told you to leave your vehicle at the campsite in case an Avalanche hits. 

“You should leave your camping equipment in a secure area, as well as your personal belongings, including your phone and keys, at your campsite,” according to the park service. 

There is also a $2 fee for food and lodging. 

If you decide to camp at a campsite that is not secure, you will have to be able tell someone to check in at the designated area. 

Yellowstone is also experiencing an avalanche emergency, and there is a mandatory evacuation. 

While you can walk into the park and check out your campsites, it is recommended that there be a barrier between you and the fire ring. 

It is also suggested that you wear a mask and wear gloves when going to the campground, because you will likely have to remove your mask while inside the campfire. 

For more information on Yellowstone National Recreation Area, visit Yellowstone National Parks website.

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