The Biggest Disaster of 2017

The Big Bang Theory star Stephen Moyer has made a bold claim about his own future.

According to Moyer, he plans to get a divorce and start a family with his ex-wife, Kelly Huber.

Huber has since filed for divorce and filed for remarriage.

As of Tuesday, Huber’s new attorney has yet to respond to Moyers’ claims.

Moyer has previously stated he was “in a bad place.”

The actor said in a recent interview that he was trying to work out a way to reconcile his current relationship with his past, but that his ex has been “not helpful.”

“I think it was time for me to take a long, hard look at who I am, and to start to make decisions about my life,” Moyer told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on Monday.

“It’s really hard to do things in life that you like, because you’re constantly fighting for what you think is right and it’s a constant battle,” he continued.

“I’m in a bad situation, and it sucks.

I want to make things better.

And I’m in an open place where I can make the best decisions for myself.”

Moyer’s statement follows that of actor Tom Hanks, who told Variety on Monday that his estranged wife “didn’t understand” the divorce she filed and that she “wasn’t interested in having kids.”

“The divorce wasn’t for her,” Hanks said.

“We’ve been together for almost seven years, and she’s been very, very helpful.

And she’s not interested in kids.

She just wants to focus on being her own person.

She’s a good mom, but she just wants things to be in the best place for her and for her children.”

Hanks has yet a public comment on Moyer’s statement.

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