Which Canadian towns are doing well enough to qualify for the Olympic Games?

It’s the kind of question that seems silly today, but for the first time, Canada is asking itself: What’s it like to be in a town with a ski resort?

A little more than two decades ago, Canada was the only country in North America with a fully-fledged ski resort.

Now, as the country prepares to host the 2024 Summer Games in its capital city, Vancouver, the Canadian Olympic Committee has declared that the country is on track to host four more Summer Games.

“We’re going to be hosting four Summer Games,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a news conference on Friday.

“And this is going to bring an end to the era of ski-led development.”

A look at some of the places that could win an Olympic bid for 2024.


Windsor, Ont.

A small community just outside of Toronto, Windsor is the hometown of two-time gold medalist Ryan McLeod, who was born in the town.

He has since become a father figure to the community, who have built a ski hill, a community garden, and even a miniature golf course.

Windsor was once a hub for the Canadian ski industry, and today, the resort has become a popular destination for athletes looking to practice their skills in the snow.

The town’s population has grown since McLeod was born, and has surpassed the 2,000 mark in recent years.

It’s been ranked by the United Nations as one of the safest ski destinations in the world.


Vancouver, British Columbia A small city in British Columbia’s central coast, Vancouver is a popular ski resort destination for winter athletes, as well as for tourists and locals.

In addition to its ski facilities, the city hosts the world-famous Summer Olympics every four years, and is also home to Canada’s national team.

Since the first Winter Games were held in Vancouver in 1968, the area has become known as “the city where nothing goes wrong.”

Since then, it has been the home of the world’s premier skiing events, with the likes of the Winter Olympics, the Pan Am Games, and the Winter Games of the Americas taking place there.

The city has hosted more Winter Olympics than any other Canadian city, with more than 100,000 people taking part in the sport there.


Sarnia, Ontario A small rural community in Ontario’s southernmost province, Sarniac has long been the hub of Canadian ski resorts, hosting the world championship for snowboarders, ski marathons, and cross-country ski races.

Since 2000, the community has been ranked the fifth safest in Canada by the World Health Organization, with over 2,100 deaths linked to accidents linked to snowboarding in 2016 alone.


Toronto, Ont., Canada’s third largest city, Toronto is home to the Olympic Stadium, which was designed to house the world cup and other sporting events.

The stadium hosts both the Canadian and Olympic ski teams, with a variety of events taking place inside and outside the venue.

While the number of ski resorts in the city has increased steadily over the years, Toronto has never hosted the Olympics in its entire history.

Toronto is currently one of four Canadian cities with a large amount of snow on the ground, with two major resorts on the horizon.


Calgary, Alberta A city of only around 5,000 residents located in Alberta’s far northwest, Calgary is home of Alberta’s largest city and the largest city in Canada.

Since 2001, the population of Calgary has grown by about 25,000 per year, and over the past five years, the province has become the sixth-largest in Canada and the ninth-largest country in the World.

Calgary also hosts the Canadian Winter Sports Centre, which hosts two international ski events each year.


Hamilton, Ontario Hamilton is home for the Winter Sports and Recreation Complex, which is the world headquarters for Canada’s winter sports teams.

While Canada has never had a major Winter Games, the team is known for their success on the ice.

In the last 20 years, Canada has hosted the World Cup, the World Championships, the U.S. Winter Olympics in 2008, and last year’s Winter Games in Lake Placid, New York.

The Canadian team is also the first Canadian team to win the Olympic Winter Games since 1984.


Sault Ste.

Marie, Ont.-Nova Scotia The birthplace of Michael Jordan, Sault St. Marie is the largest community of its kind in Canada, with nearly 17,000 citizens in the community of approximately 1.3 million.

Sartell, an ice skating rink that opened in 1878, is also a popular gathering spot for the city’s many sports fans.

While Sault is known as the home to hockey and hockey players, the world of winter sports also attracts plenty of athletes and locals from around the world, including some of Canada’s best-known athletes.


Montreal, Quebec The second-largest city in Quebec, Montreal has become Canada’s unofficial capital city over the

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