Bear Lake, Utah: A beautiful lake in the middle of nowhere

A lake in Northern Utah may be in need of a new name.

In the last week, residents of Lake Pajamas have been sharing photos of the lake and sharing their thoughts on its name.

The lake is known for its pink lake water and pink ice cream.

The lake is about 4,000 feet deep, and is popular with families and people visiting from across the country.

It’s also the home of the Bear Lake International Snowmobile Team, which trains snowmobile riders for the snowmobile races around Lake Paboo.

“It’s pretty quiet there, it’s a nice place to go camping,” said resident Mike Cope.

“And there’s not really any crowds, except for maybe the kids.

And that’s really fine.

I’m not that into crowds, so I can go there.

But I like to stay away from crowds, and you know, the kids don’t like to see kids.”

Lake Pajama was named after a local Bear Lake resident, who owned the lake for several years.

A couple of years ago, the local Bear Lakes National Park was designated as the lake’s official name.

A photo posted by Mike Copes (@mikecope_8) on Aug 14, 2017 at 10:53am PDTLake Paboos residents share their thoughts about the lake.

Lake PABoos is about 1,500 feet deep and has pink lakewater and pink Ice Cream.

It is the home to the Bear Lakes International Snowmobile Team.

The Bear Lakes team trains the snowmobiles and the local residents have been taking pictures of them at the lake with the word “Bear” written on them.

“They’re really nice people.

I’ve been in contact with them a few times.

They’re really friendly and they’re good neighbors,” said Lake Pabulos resident Mary Lee.

The Lake Pabaños have also taken the opportunity to show the locals their pictures.

“We’ve posted a bunch of them on Facebook and I’m just really happy to see them all smiling, smiling,” said Cope, who is from Utah.

“That’s the kind of thing you’d think people would have a really good time with.”

Lake Cabelas in northern Utah has a pink lake and pink water.

The community is taking the pictures in honor of the local resident.

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