How to be a good leader

The first step to being a good, responsible leader is to know what you’re doing and not doing.

In this post, I’ll share with you the basics of how to be the best leader you can be.

Let’s get started.


Recognize your mistakes and learn from them.

The best leaders don’t make them.

When I first started running my business, I made a few mistakes that led to my downfall.

I had too much time on my hands.

I was a single mom.

I wasn’t the best communicator.

I needed to find a way to manage my time better.

But these mistakes were the first of many I made.

I started learning from my mistakes, and I was able to avoid making the same ones in the future.

In my book, How to Be a Better Leader, I discuss how you learn and grow from these mistakes.


Be realistic.

You’re not always right.

Some leaders will have great ideas, but they’re wrong often.

They’ll say things that will lead you astray, and you’ll end up disappointed.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Realize that the best leaders are those who have the courage to admit that they’re right and change the course of their business.


Embrace uncertainty.

I can’t stress this enough: It’s always good to be able to change your mind.

When you make a mistake, you’re setting yourself up for a long, hard slog ahead.

I’ve seen this happen to countless businesses over the years.

But don’t let the uncertainty stop you from moving forward.

When uncertainty exists, you have to make the difficult decisions to make sure you’re right.


Be patient.


Sometimes it takes a little courage to change course.

This can feel like a big step backward, but it’s necessary.

Don’s book, Realizing You’re a Leader, talks about the importance of having a positive attitude.

It’s a common theme for many leaders who make mistakes: They’re trying to change things, but don’t want to admit it or admit to their mistakes.

Realizing that your actions are what you do will help you to be more confident in yourself and your business.


Learn from your mistakes.

Be honest about them.

Be clear about your reasons for making a mistake.

I found this out the hard way when I made an important business decision.

I didn’t know what I was doing and decided to make a decision that I was sure would hurt me in the long run.

The moment I realized I was wrong, I was furious and decided not to make that decision.

It took a lot of courage for me to admit my mistake.


Keep your eye on the prize.

If you want to become a better leader, you’ll need to keep an eye on what your company is doing.

When leaders don, the market is often in a bad place.

The markets that are successful aren’t doing things the way they should.

They don’t invest in the right people.

They’re also getting a bad rap.

So, to succeed, you need to change what’s going on. 7.

Don the hat.

I’m a big fan of hats, so when I first saw this idea, I jumped at the chance.

It was simple, fun, and effective.

I wore my hat for a month before I even thought about it.

I could wear it to work and I couldn’t tell anyone.


Stay focused on the mission.

There are no shortcuts to success.

In other words, your mission should be your ultimate goal.

So when you’re in the market, take a moment and think about the business you’re working on.

Are you focused on making money?

Are you focusing on building your brand?

Are these the kinds of things you’re really passionate about?

You can’t go wrong in choosing the right person to lead your business if you’re dedicated to them.


Use the right tools.

The tools you use to lead are crucial.

You need to know the right ones and know when to use them.

If they’re outdated, they might not work for your business the way you want.

If the tools you have aren’t helping you, you may have a difficult time figuring out what to do. 10.

Stay humble.

The most important thing about leaders is that they stay humble.

They want to be good.

They value themselves.

They care deeply about their customers and employees.

If I was leading my business today, I would be the leader of my company.

So make the most of every moment you have, because it will give you a great deal of confidence in your ability to lead.


Get a sense of who you are.

Don, the author, has written an amazing book on leadership called Don-You-Don’t-Let-It-All-Go.

It explains what it takes to be an effective leader and how to become one. He’s also

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