‘I am a survivor’: A family of seven still lives in Moraine Lake resort

The family of eight who lived in the Moraine Lakes resort for nearly a decade, including two sons and a daughter, have finally found a new home.

On Sunday, the families of the four survivors of the Morobe Lakes resort, including the family of a son and a girl, were welcomed to a new house in the town of Gorakhpur.

“I am so happy.

We are grateful,” said Shashi.

The family had to relocate from a nearby village because of a severe drought in 2014, the first such time in the resort’s history.

Shashi and his brother Shai were the last to live in the lakes resort, and Shashi is now the sole survivor of the resort.

“Theres no other way.

We will not go back.

We have a house in Gorakhpur.

I hope my son will return to the same resort,” Shashi told the reporters.

In 2016, the family moved to a villa in Gorapur village near the lake resort.

But the water level in the lake rose rapidly and the villagers were unable to find suitable housing.

“We were forced to leave the village.

I dont have any land to sell.

Ive lost hope of ever getting a house.

I have given up on life and want to be buried in a grave somewhere,” Shai said.

Shashikumar and his family have also been forced to live at a temporary camp in Gorakpur, just across the lake.

“My father died here and i cant go back there.

We didnt have a place to live.

Weve been sleeping on the floor for two years now.

Theres no way out.

We cant afford to stay here anymore,” Shashi said.

A family of fiveThe family of three members of the family who lived at the Morbely Lakes resort is now at a new villa, but it will be three years before they can return.

The remaining members of their family, including their five children, will continue to live here in Gorabganj.

“Its just so sad.

We lost them.

I cant see them again.

We just cant leave the place,” Shishun, Shashar, and his wife, Amrita, told the media on Sunday.

“They werent even alive then,” said his sister, Anjana.

“All of us are living in fear of getting evicted from this place.

Its the last resort for us.

We dont have much money, and Im worried about how long we can stay here,” said Anjula.

“Our children dont have a job.

We cannt afford to keep living here.

The resort is in the hands of the government and we cant afford any more living expenses.

If we cant find a place, we dont know where to go.

Its like a prison,” she said.

In the winter of 2016-17, the resort was in the grip of severe drought.

“There was so much rain.

We had no electricity, no running water, no heating,” said the brother of Shashi, Shavinde.

“It was so bad, there was so little electricity,” Shakia, Shishu, said.

The couple is currently staying in a temporary hostel in the village of Srinagar, near the lakes Resort.

“We dont know how long theres going to be like this.

We never thought this resort would be like the lakes.

The government should come and rescue us from this hell,” said Murali, Shabana, and her husband Shamsa, who were also staying at the resort for the past five years.

The families of Shavish, Shama and Shashan are currently living in a hostel here in a guesthouse.

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