The ‘lost boy’ of the lake and his quest to find his missing mother

LADY BIRD LAKE, WA –  A mother-of-two who vanished for nearly four years before her body was found in Lake Lamington has finally been found. 

Lily Bird Lake, near Kootenay, was a popular tourist spot for the Lamingtons but on December 15, 2019, a fisherman spotted her car parked on a gravel parking lot and alerted the police.

Lily’s car had been abandoned and had been washed away at Lake Lameson, but it was later found to be missing.

On the same day, police arrested a man in relation to the disappearance.

The man was charged with missing-person and possession of stolen property.

When the Lamesons first heard the news, they were stunned.

“We thought it was just a strange coincidence, and it was pretty shocking,” said Linda Bird Lake.

“The police, who are pretty much our biggest fans, were so quick to find the body.”

When I heard the police were talking about it, I was pretty sure she was dead.

“I just started crying because I knew what happened to her.”

She was a lovely woman.

I never thought I would see her again.

“But now I’m hoping the police find her.”

Lily was last seen by her parents in January 2017 and has been missing since then.

Her parents, Linda and Mark, are both retired from the military, and said they had not been expecting to have their daughter missing for so long.

“They thought it might be some sort of accident or something, and that maybe she had run off and she had fallen off a bridge or something,” Linda said.

“But she was just so calm and she didn’t react at all, and we didn’t even know it was her.”

Police believe the couple were likely to be out at the lake, but they were concerned about their daughter, and contacted the Coast Guard.

“It’s just a total shock for us, because she was the happiest girl in the world,” Linda explained.

“As soon as she went missing, we were like, ‘What are we going to do?

We don’t know where she is’.”

Lily and Mark had two other children, aged four and three, and Linda said she was not surprised when she heard the disappearance was connected to their missing daughter.

“Lily had a very good relationship with her father and they were very supportive, so I’m just thankful they got the call when they did,” Linda added.

Lily Lake is a popular spot for people to visit, with many people having a swim there, and people from all over the world come to the lake to relax.

“There’s so many people there,” Linda says.

“People come out here and get a good swim, and they come back and tell us they see her, so that’s really a nice way of showing they’re in love with her.”

“I’m really glad they found her,” said Mark.

“We’re glad they are doing something about it.”

Linda hopes the Lameons will be able to keep the family’s search alive.

“If they find her, we’ll be happy.

We’ll never forget her,” she said.

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