What to Know About Lake Geneva’s Greenhouse Walled Lake and What to Expect from the Greenhouse Barrier

Geneva, Arizona—For the first time, the city of Lake Genevada will begin releasing its first water for the public as a precautionary measure amid fears that algae blooms will be widespread.

The Lake Genevan Water Authority (LGWA) has released two-foot-wide, three-foot long, three foot-high, five foot-wide “Greenhouse Wall” barriers along the entire lakefront that are intended to protect the water from algae blooming and help control the algae growth.

The barrier measures the amount of water that a person can safely use from a single tap in the city’s public swimming pools, playgrounds and beaches.

“We’ve seen a lot of algae bloomes on the lakefront over the last few years, so we thought we’d be proactive and try to get some water out to help us manage it,” said LGWA Executive Director Scott Pappas.

The city is releasing the barrier in response to a recent surge in algae in Lake Geneveva.

LGWA has been using the barrier for several months to combat the algae problem and protect the city from the algae bloom.

“A lot of people have come to us, and they’ve asked for help with the algae and it’s really good for the environment, for people, for the water quality,” said Pappa.

The lakefront has seen more than a dozen algae bloomas in recent weeks, and the city has used water from the barrier as a control measure to help control and treat the algae.

The water authority says the barrier is one of its most cost effective and effective ways to help manage algae bloos and will be released in the coming weeks.

It will cost $25 per person and will only be released after LGWA completes a thorough environmental impact statement.

The ban on the barrier was put in place to help prevent an environmental disaster.

The water authority plans to begin releasing the water in the spring, and Papps hopes to see more than 100,000 people using the Greenhouses Walled Lakes as a water conservation measure.

“If it gets too bad, we can get some people out there,” he said.

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