When a lake’s saltwater drains, you can expect to lose millions of dollars

By BOB BUCKLEY, Associated Press The cost of pumping salt water out of the lake’s lake bed is expected to exceed $100 million over the next decade, a study by the State Water Resources Control Board found.

The study, conducted by the water board, found the cost of cleaning up Lake Geneva’s water system could reach $1.4 billion by 2025.

Lake Genevita, a lake in southern Israel that’s about 100 square miles, sits just south of the coastal city of Ashdod.

Israel’s water is one of the world’s most polluted because of a decades-long lack of regulation and a flood of industrial and agricultural runoff.

Its water is also heavily subsidized, with about 70 percent of Israel’s budget going to water supplies, according to a 2015 report by the World Bank.

That funding is critical to the country’s ability to produce food and produce power, as well as keep farmers’ fields irrigated.

But the lake, which is expected under a $50 million deal signed in January between Israel and the Palestinian Authority to build a sewage treatment plant, has become a magnet for sewage-treatment plants in recent years.

It’s also an important source of drinking water for the Israeli-Palestinian population.

As Israel’s population has grown, it has poured billions of dollars into improving the lake.

But with Israel’s economy shrinking, its water-treatment system has become an even bigger burden on the country.

“Lake Genevitas water quality has deteriorated over time and is now considered an example of the problems of waste management and water quality,” said a statement from the State Board, which oversees the water system.

“The water has become polluted with salts, which are a significant concern for the health of residents.”

The lake has been a source of concern to water boards in the past, but this is the first time the board has looked at the full picture of what can happen if the lake becomes more polluted.

A 2010 study by Israel’s Water and Sewer Authority, a government body that oversees the lake and regulates sewage treatment plants, estimated that the lake had about 10,000 tons of sewage per year.

The lake, located about 100 miles southeast of the northern city of Beersheba, sits a few miles from the Gaza Strip, which borders Israel and has been devastated by a devastating conflict.

Israel and Gaza have long struggled to keep their water supplies flowing.

Gaza’s water has been polluted with sewage, and Israel has not yet opened up its wastewater treatment plant to Gaza’s residents.

Israel says the lake is safe and has not had any serious problems since Israel’s 2008 withdrawal from Gaza.

Israel has said it hopes the lake will eventually be opened up to Gaza, but that’s not likely anytime soon.

Israel, meanwhile, has pledged to build its sewage treatment and water treatment plants in Gaza and the West Bank.

The water board’s report said that if Israel closed the lake to Gazans, it would save an estimated $2.4 million annually by 2025, but it also estimated that it would cost about $7 billion to clean up the lake over that same period.

The report noted that the water agency was still deciding how to distribute the savings to water users, and it also called on the water company to work with Israel on the deal.

“A major part of the deal was to allow Gaza residents to keep using the lake while at the same time, it was agreed that the Israeli authorities would provide financial support for the wastewater treatment and sewage treatment facilities in the lake,” the report said.

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