Detailed rendering of Lake Detroit that was once a ghost town

Hanging Lake Detroit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

(Photo: Wayne State University) A new rendering of the lake in Michigan shows a former ghost town, complete with a cemetery, a church and a lake house, according to a video posted by Wayne State professor and underwater archaeologist Chris D’Agostino.

The lake, which was once part of the Black Hills of southern Colorado, is now home to a group of Native American villages, including the Flint and Flint Water Treatment Plant.

The Lake Detroit was named after the lake’s founder, Flint, Mich., resident Robert Flint.

He established Flint Lakes Dam and the city of Flint in 1882, according the video.

D’Agastino, who teaches underwater archaeology and coastal studies at Wayne State, said the lake was named for Flint’s name.

Flint is credited with starting the city.

The lake was also named after Flint’s wife.

The family settled on the lake about 1,300 years ago, according D’AGOSTINO.

“They were really nice people, but I’m sure Flint is not the only person in history to have a negative association with water,” D’agostino said.

“There are probably people in the U.S. today who were born with a negative relationship with water.

The reason they are in the water, I don’t know, but they are.

We don’t have any water problems anymore.”

D’AGASTINO said he hopes people visiting Lake Detroit and Lake Michigan can experience the lake.

“I think if you see it for yourself, it’s an amazing place,” D’tagastino said in the video posted to YouTube.

“You can go out there, you can explore it, you just have to understand the history.”

Lake Detroit was one of several lakes in the Black Belt in the early 1900s.

The area around Flint’s water treatment plant, now part of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, was once known as “Lake Detroit.”DETROIT (AP) The lake that was so named was once home to more than 1,000 people and once had about 2,000 residents, including some of Flint’s most famous residents.

Now, the lake is filled with an eerie ghost town and the site of one of the first water treatment plants, officials say.

Flint’s city council is seeking the federal government’s approval for a new, $20 million project to transform Flint’s lake into a tourism destination.

The project is in the works for years but has been delayed.

Detroit Water and Water Supply, which owns Flint’s Lake Michigan, says the new $20-million project is necessary because the water treatment system has not met the federal safety standards required by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Flint officials say the city’s water and wastewater system is clean and in good shape.

Lake Detroit, which is about the size of New York City’s Battery Park, was created by Flint residents in 1885.

Flint’s mayor, John White, was Flint’s first black mayor.

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